You are an emergency responder

Your support means that urgent resources are ready, and often prepositioned, to reach areas in need as quickly as possible through ADRA’s global network and partners. Funds, materials, and personnel are coordinated through ADRA’s country offices nearest to the disaster so plans can be put into action immediately and appropriate relief supplies reach the areas hardest hit. 

Did you Know?

Emergencies can mean anything from natural disasters, wars or conflicts, famine and more. For these, Asia is considered at high risk not just geographically, but particularly because millions of people are already living below the poverty line.

Here are some of the ways that ADRA is helping to reach those in need during crises:

 – Initial emergency needs distributed to affected populations such as food, water and medical supplies

 – Providing shelter kits and other tools to rebuild

 – Increasing access to safe and clean WASH facilities in camps and vulnerable communities

 – Providing cash assistance, distributing unconditional cash transfers and setting up Cash for Work mechanisms 

 – Training in WASH and gender, particularly in camps and temporary shelters

 – Support to Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons

 – Support of medical equipment, supplies and health awareness in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19


18,908,357 Lives

In 2020, ADRA supported more than 18,908,357 lives through 324 projects around the world in Emergency and Disaster Response.