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ADRA Asia Focus is the quarterly magazine of the ADRA Asia Regional Office. The magazine features a focus country and theme to bring you stories and news about how ADRA is serving humanity across 17 countries in Asia.


VOL 3 | NO 1

DEC-FEB 2023

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SEP-NOV 2022

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JUN-AUG 2022

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MAR-MAY 2022

VOL 2 | NO 1

DEC-FEB 2022

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SEP-NOV 2021

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JUN-AUG 2021


The 2022 quarterly program series of the ADRA Asia Regional Office, was in partnership with Hope Channel Southeast Asia linking to the quarterly magazine, ADRA Asia Focus.

Watch the 4-part Episode series below.

Episode 4

The Asia-Pacific region is the most disaster prone area in the world. Asia alone accounts for 31% of all weather, climate and water-related disasters, 47% of related deaths and 31% of economic losses. In the last 49 years, 3,454 disasters have been recorded with an estimated US $1.2 trillion in economic damages. In 2021 alone, at least 48.3 million people were affected region-wide.

In response, ADRA Philippines is implementing rehabilitation programs focused on the Build Back Better principle by constructing eco-homes built to withstand future disasters that frequent the Philippines, such as Typhoons, Floods and Earthquakes.

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