Bangladesh COVID-19 Response

Most of the people in the rural areas of Bangladesh are poor and illiterate. Amid this pandemic and lockdown situation, they cannot afford three meals a day. They even cannot afford masks to protect themselves from COVID-19. The torments of the poor people in the rural areas of Bangladesh know no bounds.

The Capacity Building of Farmers Family (CBFF) project of ADRA Bangladesh has taken a wonderful initiative to respond to COVID-19. Its’ beneficiaries are preparing masks using clothes in their home and distributing it among the underprivileged communities. “Since we have limited resources and capacities, we can’t do much more for our vulnerable community. Though we have a great desire to help more and assist the distressed people by providing them with PPE, Foods, and Emergency Relief, we are capsized due to limited resources,” said Mr. Amol, Project Manager of CBFF.

Some of the project beneficiaries fell into despair thinking how they could live as they had no work and money. They expressed their situation to Mr. Amol. Then, he brainstormed to find out ways to ease the anxiety and distress of the poor community.

Mr. Amol along with his project staff discussed this issue and came up with a decision that they would help the community people by providing homemade masks. This would help them at least, to stay safe from COVID-19, where they are not using masks at all.

CBFF project staff selected a few beneficiaries from the community group for preparing masks who received tailoring training from the project. CBFF supplied necessary materials and instructed them on how to prepare the masks.

CBFF has distributed masks it has produced and soap among the distressed communities in coordination with the local authorities. CBFF has also installed a water dispenser in front of the Upazila Parishad, Fulbaria, Mymensingh so the community can wash their hands and stay safe from COVID-19.

In addition, CBFF has distributed posters and leaflets to raise public awareness of COVID-19. It has also organized group discussions aiming to raise awareness to the local community from the deadly virus.

Originally Story: Mafuz Syed, ADRA Bangladesh

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