Mrs Loi’s Happiness

The herd of 80 chickens which Mrs. Loi raised for more than 3 months is still full, no chickens have died. She is happy to share: “I received these 80 chickens from Damrey project. I applied the knowledge I received from training from the project staff to raise the chickens. Mrs. Oanh, a worker from Center for Agricultural Service instructs us at the training class and at our house. She instructs us how to prepare henhouse, how to take care of chickens so that my chickens are growing as you can see.”

Mrs. Tran Thi Loi is one of the vulnerable households in Village 1, Quang Ngan commune, Quang Dien district, Thua Thien – Hue. When she heard about ADRA’s Damrey project, she actively registered together with 7 other households in the village to receive funds for growing vegetables and raising chickens.

She has two daughters; the older one is 19 years old. Because the family is poor, she had to quit school after grade 7th and went to work faraway in Nghe An province. The second daughter is disabled with leg, study grade 6th. Her husband works as construction worker in Laos. He only goes home twice per year. He does not help much because he is sick too. She has 1,000 m2 for rice cultivation and about 500 m2 for gardening. She uses 100 m2 to build henhouse and use the rest of garden grow vegetable.

“I am quite surprised to know that the project will support both chickens and food for chickens. It warms our heart. I spend money to buy net for henhouse as what the technical officer instructed at the training”. Mrs. Loi is talking while mixing chicken food with paddy.

Located in the area close to seashore, the weather is irregular and effects on the livelihood of the people. The typhoon in 2017 destroyed all of her vegetable which she planned to sell at the New Year. “If nothing bad happens, by the end of this August, the chickens will be 5 months old and I can sell them. My daughter will go to grade 7th. I can use money to pay for her school fee. I will keep 10 chickens to multiple the herd.” said Mrs. Loi with happy smile on her face, hoping a good future for her children.

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