Aquita’s Story

34 Year old Aquita participated in ADRA Timor-Leste’s Livelihood Opportunities through Sustainable Agriculture (LOSA) Project supported by ADRA Australia and Australian Aid. ADRA Timor-Leste constructed a water system near her house that provides water for her family and a community garden. She is in a group that was trained in growing vegetables and farming using improved agriculture methods. She says, “We can save some money because we do not need to buy vegetables.  We can plant our own vegetables in our yard because we have enough water for the garden.  We can use the money for other necessities such as books, pens and bags for children.” She is thankful for the support ADRA has given and is eager to share what she has learned, “There were a number of people inquiring us about how to form a group to learn new things such as how to plant vegetables.  We share to them about the experience we have.”

“We used to walk a distance to collect water, but now we can access clean water close to our house because ADRA supported to drill the well. Now we have enough water for our daily use such as bathing, drinking, cooking and even planting vegetables. As the water is so abundant, we plan to make a fish pond. In the past, my children and I needed to wake up early and collect the water so the children can clean themselves before going to school.  Now we have more time to prepare good breakfast because the water is near. We can wash our hands before having meals and after using the toilet.  We have better health and sanitation.”

Original Story: Manuel Ximenes, ADRA Timor-Leste

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