ADRA Ramps Up Relief Efforts for India’s Mounting COVID-19 Health Crisis

The Humanitarian Agency is Donating Critical Oxygen Generating Equipment to Help Coronavirus Patients

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is scaling up emergency operations in India to save thousands of lives in COVID-19 affected communities. The country is struggling with an unprecedented second outbreak of COVID-19 with more than 350,000 new coronavirus cases daily, according to the World Health Organization. Over 208,000 people have died in India since the beginning of this year. (*Numbers subject to change daily). 

ADRA’s emergency response team is working on the ground to ensure COVID-19 critically ill patients have immediate access to oxygen to survive the crisis. The international humanitarian agency is donating an oxygen generation plant (OGP) to provide relief to affected patients.

“The situation in India is grim. Hospitals are running out of equipment to keep people alive such as oxygen cylinders. The healthcare system is stretched to the breaking point and people are dying because they can’t find a hospital bed and oxygen. It’s absolutely terrible. The country needs immediate help, and it is our duty to do everything we can to help the people in need and save lives,” says Weston Davis, ADRA country director in India.

ADRA is partnering with Adventist hospitals, the Adventist Church, and other trusted partners to establish the on-site oxygen generator plant. The life-saving gas system will provide COVID-19 patients with a secure and constant source of oxygen, instead of relying on manufacturers who cannot meet the demand due to the massive surge in coronavirus cases.

“The pandemic is far from over. We are praying for the people of India, and also speeding up our emergency efforts to bring immediate relief to the most affected communities. ADRA is working tirelessly against COVID-19 to make sure that lives are saved, and the right help is delivered quickly to so many communities ravaged by this pandemic,” says Michael Kruger, ADRA’s president. “We are grateful to the Adventist church and our donors for their continued support. They are vital partners in our fight against COVID-19 around the world.”

ADRA is also working with the region’s health department to help set up and monitor COVID-19 vaccine camps and is teaming up with mental health facilities to offer psycho-social support through counseling and community awareness programs. Additionally, ADRA is delivering critical PPE to frontline healthcare workers in hospitals in the country.

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