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Our Leadership

At the ADRA Asia Regional Office, our leadership team are well sourced professionals in their field providing the best support and experience to the 17 country offices in Asia. Learn more about our current team below.





FINANCE and operations DIRECTOR

Brendon Irvine


PROGRAMs and planning DIRECTOR

Brendon has lived and worked in south-east Asia since the early 1990’s and has more than 25 years service with ADRA. He has served as ADRA Country Director in Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. He also previously occupied his current role with ADRA Asia during 2006-2007. Brendon holds graduate degrees in Agricultural Science and International Development. He has extensive expertise and experience in sustainable agriculture, livelihoods and value chain development. He also has considerable experience in vocational training, education, health and emergency management and disaster risk reduction. His deep knowledge of the operating context across Asia and of working with ethnic minorities in multiple Asian countries is an asset to ADRA Asia.

prabhook bandaratilleke

technical advisor: Emergency management

Prabhook has been actively engaged in international development and emergency management for over 15 years. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Master of Science in Administration with a focus on organizational disaster response preparedness. Most of his work has been in his home country of Sri Lanka, but he has also undertaken deployments in a number of Asian countries including Bangladesh and Indonesia. His roles have included a range of program positions in ADRA Sri Lanka where he was Programs Director before taking up his current role with ADRA Asia. Prabhook’s expertise in building community resilience and disaster preparedness saw him appointed in 2019 as Chair of ADRA’s Global Resilience Technical Learning Lab.

In 2023, Prabhook has additionally taken on the role of Interim Country Director at ADRA Philippines.



Regional Communications Coordinator

Emma first joined ADRA through ADRA Australia’s International Internship Program in 2015. Since then, Emma has lived in Southeast Asia working in various roles with ADRA Myanmar before joining ADRA Asia in Thailand. She has a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts (International Poverty & Development Studies) and has gained 8 years experience working in the Communications sector. Emma is trained in Advocacy and Emergency Response becoming a member of ADRA’s Asia Regional Emergency Response Team in 2019. Emma currently performs a dual role between ADRA Asia and the ADRA Network providing Communications support to regional, donor and implementing offices around the globe.