May 28, 2012 8:45 am

Rudi Maier, President of ADRA International visited Japan on May 14-17.  Since he was appointed to be President in October 2010, he has been visiting offices of ADRA networks working in 120 countries and he has come this time to Japan to be acquainted with staffs of ADRA Japan and its activities.

ADRA Japan’s activity of supporting the disaster affected area in northeastern Japan has been supported by people from all over the world. Great amount of support has been given by people from all over the world through ADRA’s networks. On behalf of ADRA, we would like to express gratitude for kind and prompt assistance provided.

While Rudi had a chance of getting to know about the level of the disaster and the sign of reconstruction through the media, he came to have strong feelings after visiting and seeing the actual disaster affected areas of Sendai city and Yamamoto town.

On May 16, we were given an opportunity to give a radio interview at Ringo Radio (“Apple Radio”) of Yamamoto town to speak about such feelings.

“Apple Radio” was named because apples are one of the specialty products of the town and also named after the old folk song called Ringo no Uta (“Apple Song”) which had encouraged the Japanese nation in the post-World War II era.

Rudi Maier and Shoko Hashimoto, ADRA Japan’s Program Director joined the program on the radio for about 20 minutes. We talked about our activities, how we saw the progress of recovery of Yamamoto town, and what comes in our mind after one year since the disaster.