November 18, 2012 10:55 pm

D. Battsetseg is a health volunteer and a club leader of the  dormitory of the  Ikh  Zasag College. 

Battsetseg became a leader of the health volunteers in March 2011.  Her sincere wish to help others and the passiveness of the previous volunteers’ leadership influenced her to accept the leadership position of the health volunteer in her dormitory. She  first attended the training in October  2010  where  she learned about  project activities, and very  much  liked  the  simple and interesting messages that were delivered during the  training.

Before  she became  a volunteer leader, Battsetseg used  to occasionally use vodka  and beer   with  her  friends, did  not  know how to plan  and report any  activities, and did  not  have  patience to listen to others. The training session on communication skills very much helped to improve her  skills  in understanding and listening to others. For Battsetseg, the best thing about being a health volunteer was working  in a team and being  respected by peer students. Preparing for the spring festival named “Spring brings love” with  her  team was an  unforgettable experience for her.

Now she does not  use alcohol  and talks about  negative effects of alcohol  to her  friends. During celebrations and parties, sometimes her friends offer  her  soft  drinks or juice  instead of vodka  or beer. She  thinks that being  a real  example herself is an  important tool to positively influence others. She  also  became  more  open and treats people equally.

She  said  that her  peer students in her  dormitory trust her  and come to her  with  various problems