November 4, 2015 9:34 am

It is with great pleasure that we welcome our new Programs Director, Brendon Irvine and his lovely wife Esther.

Brendon and Esther have two daughters, Laura and Vanessa. Both Laura and Vanessa are in University abroad.

The Irvine’s are not strangers to our region..

Brendon completed a Bachelors of Agricultural Science at the La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. He has further gone on to complete a Masters in International Development with Andrews University.

Brendon started his career off as a volunteer for ADRA Thailand. After a few years back in Australia he and his family returned to Asia as the ADRA Thailand Project Manager.

From there they served in Lao as the Country Director. Returning to Thailand in 2006 to serve with the ADRA Asia Regional Office in Bangkok. From Bangkok, they moved to Chiang Mai to serve in the ADRA Thailand office as the Country Director. In 2012 they moved to Esther’s home country of Myanmar, to serve as the Country Director.

Esther has also served with ADRA for many years. Playing a very important roll in keeping us updated on the vital activities of the offices, and giving support in each office where she has served.

And now we are very happy to have this dynamic team is back with ADRA ARO in Bangkok, Thailand.

Brendon will be the Programs Director, and Esther will be an Administration Assistant.

We look forward to working with them, and hope that they will still be in our region for a long time.

Welcome Brendon and Esther. May God bless you in the work that you are doing for Him.