November 16, 2012 7:25 am

My name is Sumita (30), Eni’s (8) mother. We are six members in our family. I have four children, threedaughters and one boy. I work as a domestic helper and I make paper bags at home for an income. I sell 100 paper bags for 40 taka (around 50 cents). So this is very hard for me to maintain my family with this income. Eni’s father is a day labor. We live in this slum for about for ten years now. My child Eni joined ADRA in 2010 September and after one year she got enrolled in the Government primary school and she is studying now in class-­‐II. My daughter learned reading, writing, counting, and drawing from ADRA centre. Besides, her attitude, behavior and bad habits are gradually changing. Before she did not like studying but her interest in studying is increasing than before. She is very regular in the school and the centre. Sometimes she willingly shares with us what she has learnt at the center’s health and education session and sometimes I ask her about her sessions because I am also interested to learn something from anywhere. This way Eni often shares what she is learning from centre. She says her teachers are caring, loving, cooperative and encouraging. Her teacher makes the learning interesting. She tells about her friendship with new friends. I also learned about nutritious food and cooking from the demonstrations. Here we learn how we can prepare nutrition food in an easy way and at less cost. I have no extra cultivable land because of slum area but I have planted some vegetable just adjacent to my house, which helps me to meet some nutrition needs and sometimes I try to collect fresh vegetable from my neighbors who has kitchen garden. Now I am really very happy that I am able to save my family from malnutrition by following the nutritious food preparation methods and simple tips. I try to serve nutritious food at home. And I promise to share with my neighbors what I lean from the center to save our children from malnutrition.

Photo: Sumita weeds her kitchen garden.

Story and image by Mohima Daring,
Project Manager, Social Integration of
Street Children Development Project