ARO Functions

ADRA Asia performs macro coordination of ADRA Asia Country Offices.  Below are some of our functions:

  1. Access and evaluate management procedures, governance and partnerships within that territory
  2. Consult, advise, promote and enhance education of ADRA directors and key personnel such as ADRA Asia APLI.
  3. Asia coordination for Mega disaster emergency responses.
  4. Follow up ADRA Asia country offices audits, evaluations, strategic plans, fundraising programs and manuals.
  5. Consult, advise and coordinate with Divisions, ADRA International, ADRA country boards, Executive Church Committees and candidates for replacement of ADRA Directors in IDE position and others.
  6. Report to Division and ADRA international administrators on the developments of ADRA in the region and follow their guidance on their different strategies.
  7. Consult; coordinate ADRA offices activities with main UN, European or International Agencies that involve more than one country in Asia.
  8. Consult, support, coordinate, evaluate and advice the implementation of new trends of philanthropy respecting the different cultures and sensitivities of Asian region.